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$8 one time fee if you want a digital copy of any of these to print out yourself (4 designs for $18) or 12 sheets per design for $6.00 + shipping (Stationary sampler is your choice of 4 designs with 3 sheets each for the same price). Note: Due to costs I had to raise my prices, I'm very sorry. If you buy a lot I can see about giving a discount.

Stationary Design 1 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features Don from KotW comic.

Stationary Design 2 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART">
Features Chibi Kuroitenshi.

Stationary Design 3 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features Chibi Original version Sailormoon.

Stationary Design 4 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART">
Features Chibi Eternal Sailormoon.

Stationary Design 5 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features Chibi Super Sailormoon.

Stationary Design 6 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features Chbi Sailorchibichibimoon.

Stationary Design 7 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features Sailortitan in a princess dress.

Stationary Design 9 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features chibi "doll" Muerte.

Stationary Design 10 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features a cute sad kitty.

Stationary Design 11 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features one of my scary/ugly series images.

Stationary Design 12 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features chibi Sailormercury manga style.

Stationary Design 13 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features chibi Sailormars manga style.

Stationary Design 14 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features chibi Sailorjupiter manga style.

Stationary Design 15 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Features chibi SailorV manga style.

Stationary Design 16 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART

I hope to add to these to give more variety, but it will take time. EDIT: My goal is to do Chibimoon and the outer senshi, also hoping to do the Starlights, after that I'm unsure.


If anyone else is interested in commission stationary here is what I'm thinking.
$9 for a chibi one person design downloadable that will not be open for public use.
$5 for the same thing, but open for other people to download or get sets.
+3 for ONE additional chibi in the same design. (I don't want to do more than 2 per design because of how small I'd have to make them.
If you want a commission, but a set included add $2 per 12 sheets.

Stationary Design 8 by ~kuroitenshi13 on deviantART
Made for mintbunny Open to the public.
Features a chibi maid catgirl.

Working on:
1.mintbunny commission FINISHED

You can also get them for sale at the link below.
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