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Wishlist/Trades for Kuroitenshi

Willing to trade for (I can't afford to do buying at this point, try me around MAY) but only for the following items at this time:

-High Priority-
Sailormoon: Original Manga 2,11,14 first edition; Rerelease 1-4 & stories 1 first edition; Artbook 1,3,4; Infinity Artbook (like that will ever happen); 4th season wand; the other two Eternal Tier parts; 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Japanese broach; Neo Queen Serenity Crown; any of the Japanese DVDs; any of the character single cds; any of the famicon games; any of the musicals; all but vol18 of the english manga (not getting any of the english at the moment as I am waiting to see if it will be released); PGSM on DVD; any of the Japanese plushies or figures; any Japanese cards; ANY SAILORSTAR FIGHTER ITEMS (Plushie, dolls, keychain, etc).
http://www.kuroitenshi.com/collections/collectionsm_wishlist.html (Visual for SM items)

Angel Sanctuary: Second artbook "Angel Cage" first edition; Original Manga 3-18 first edition; Rerelease 1-2 first edition; postcard set; anything that seems unsual from the series.

Weiß KreuZ: First artbook/manga first edition; any Japanese cd; Weiß Side B manga vol6 and on first edition; lami cards; shitajiki; mini cds; washcloth?; postcard book?; stamp sets; bookmarks; keychain

Deathnote: any of the Nendoroid figures; deathnote book; any of the movies; Japanese manga 1,3,5-12 first edition.

Ball Joint Doll related: anything Model size; funiture.

Cardcaptor Sakura boxsets.

-Sailormoon American release set CARDZILLION series 1 1995 #1-3,9,10,12,
16,18,20,21-23,26,28-30,32,35,36,38,41,43-46 (these ones came out of a vending machine)
-American release set CARDZILLION series 2 1996 #47,48,50,51,53,56-66,69-71,
73-78,80,81,83 (same with these)
-CCG #151-158 and 160 (these are all foils) and Special Foils 8 and 9
-CCG Series 2 (ALL except special foil 4)
-American Series III #1,3-7,9-10,12-16,19-22,24,27-28,31,33-35,37,41-43,45-51,53,55-59,
-American FLIPS ALL
-Amada PP cards #1-48,51,53,55-78,80-87,89-98,100-104,106-116,118-140,144,145,
-Bandai Carddass series cards #1-53,55-93,95-118,130-131,134,137,141,146,155-158,
-Bandai Graffiti series cards #1-69,71-73,75-89,91-102,104-112,114-129,131-144,
297-on (minus part 10 - the Jewel collection); *would especially want the rest of the Wedding card set 2-10,12,16-18 (I have 1,11,13-15,19-21 of the Wedding set now)
-Bandai's Battle/Private SuperS set
-Amada Hero Collection cards all but #PC-30,43
-5th Anniversary Memorial cards #1-11
-Nissui Promo stickers #1-6,8-11,14-18, any after 19
-Sailormoon World 1 Specials #1,3-8
-Sailormoon World 2 Specials #1-6
-Sailormoon World 3 Specials #1-2,4-6? Reg#20,26,35-?
-Sailormoon World 4 Specials #1-6? Reg#1-9,11-14,16-17,19-26,28-?
-Part 1 1995 by Amada all but #33
-Bampre Cards 1st season all, R #1-12,18-19,21-?, S all, SuperS all, Stars all (not willing to pay more than $5 per card, would really like to pay $3 or under)
-Any Sailormoon card binders (please under $15 with the exception of the Carddass System Files, I'm willing to pay up to $25 for the Stars one)
-Any Sailormoon Mini Albums (please under $10)
-Any Sailormoon large stickers
-Sailormoon fold out sticker sheets #03 (came out of vending machines in Japan around 2003)
-Any Sailormoon sticker sheets (please under $5 unless it is rare)

Fushigi Yuugi movic #1-4 Special cards and most of the set from the other series. I can't tell them apart as far as naming them.
-American release clear card with Tamahome and Tasuki came with one of the OAV tapes
Ayashi no Ceras Serial Numbers 1-10,12,16,18,20,21,25,26, any after 81
Cardcaptor Sakura PP# 1-54,91,92,94,95,97,98,99,109,118,123,128,133, any after 135
-Manga card set #1-22,24-27, any after 116
-Metal card set #E1,3-9? reg #1-34,36-38,39-52,54-71,73-85, any after 86
-Carddass Masters set 1998 #1-9,12,14-18,21,23,24,26,29,30,32-47,49-51,54-81,83,88,92,94,95,97-99,104-107,111,115, any after 117
-Carddass Masters set 1999 1-6,8-11,13-19,21-27,29-35,37-41,43-69,71-92,94,96-on
-Carddass Masters set 2000 III #1,2,4-6,8-15,17-26,28-48,51,53-66,68-on
-Carddass Masters set 2000 IV #1,4-15,17-23,25-62,64-66,68,70,72-78,80-90,93-104,105,107,108,110,112,114-120,122-129,131-143,145-149,151,153-160, any after 161
Yami no Matsuei card set #SP2,#BOX1, reg #39,55, any after 63
Di Gi Charat Original BEST Trading Card Collection #PR1,3-9?, SP1,3,5-9?, R1,3-5,7,8, 10?, reg #2,5,9,12,13,16,20-22,24,26,27,31,32,34,35,37,41,43,46,47,50,58,59,61,64, 67,69,70,75,76,79,80,82,83,85,86,89,93,94,97,101,105,115,117,120,122-124,127,132, 133
X Carddass Masters set 2002 #1,4,6,7,8,11,13,16-19,22-27,29,31-34,36,37-39,41,42,44-51,53-55,59,61-64,66,69,71,73,75,77-81,84,86,88-91,93,94,96,97,99-104,106-108,112-115, any after 117
Full Moon wo Sagashite Character Card Collection by Ribon #2-9,11-18,20-27,29-32,34-46,48-? (I paid about .80$ each for these and really wouldn't like to pay too much more if I can help it)
Sister Princess card set #Puzzle-A 4,7,8
Robot Carnival (American) card set #2-5,9,13,15-22,29-31,33-48, any after 49
Key the Metal Idol card set by ColleCarA #KEY 6,7,9-11,13,20-23,25-27 Sakura 1-5,7,8,10,11,13-18, Character 1,2,4,6-16,18, Story Card 1,9,17, Illustration 1,7-9,11,16,19,31-36,38,40
ANGEL tv Season 1 card set ALL, plus any special cards
Simpson's TOPPS cards #45, any after 88 and stickers #1,2,5-14,16-18,21 any after 22
Disney's Aladdin cards by SKYBOX #3-6,8,11-14,16,18,20-25,27,30-36,38-42,44-47,49,50,52,53, 55,56,58,59,61,63-66,68-78,81,82,84, any after 85
Disney's Pocahontas cards by SKYBOX #2,44,64,P11,P12,Foils 2-4
Disney's Beauty and the Beast PROSET cards COMPLETED!!!
Disney's Beauty and the Beast UPPER DECK cards (made in Italy) #4,5,9,10,24,25,29,30,32,44,45,49,50,52,64,65,69,70,72,84,85,89,90,92,97-99,104,105,109,110,117,119,124,125,130,137,139,144,145,149,150,157,164,165,169,170,184,185,189,190
Disney's Little Mermaid set COMPLETED!!!
Disney's Pocahontas cards by SKYBOX #2,44,64, Hologram (don't know what else to call it) 2,3,4 and any of the V1 (I think that's how card # is read)
Garfield Collector cards by SKYBOX #1,2,4,5,8-11,13-19,22,24,25,27-30,32-40,42,43,45-48,50-53,58,60-64,66,67,69,70,73-77,79,81-83,86-88,90-97,H1-4,H6-9
Garfield 2004 Pacific Collection stickers #1-4,6,8,9,13,15,18,19,21,22,24,25,29-31,35,36,38, cards #9,17,31,66, any of the Signed cards and any of the Original Sketches
Iron Man card set (please under $50)
New Kids on the Block cards by TOPPS sticker #2 with the red border (only one I need to complete this set! Must be not peeled)

-Low Priority-
Loveless: english 4 on; 1-2,8 first edition.

NANA: english 5 on.

Ouran Host Club: english vol5 on minus vol6-8; any of the bags; shitajiki; pins or buttons or charms.

Princess Princess: anything from this series minus the DVD box and eng manga.

Seimaden: anything other than eng manga from this series!

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: vol5 manga in English; last vol of the DVDs.

Tarot Café: anything by her that isn't manwah itself in english.

Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle: english 13 on minus vol14 and Guide Book; 1 & 20-22,24-? on hardbound first edition; artbook; any figures; anything Fay; DVD vol 2 on.

Valkyrie Profile: any minus the Eng game, Lenneth figure.

Any Japanese manga first edition by Higari You.

UPDATED: 2010-10-25
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