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New and Used DVDs And VHSs

FEEDBACK THREAD http://community.livejournal.com/sunnysales/3186.html

Karas has a slip cover it comes with and has been watched once as has Nerima. Realbout & then Kenshin ones have been watched twice, maybe three times. If you have any questions please let me know. Eden's Bowy, Devil Lady, FF Unlimited, Dai-Guard v5 have never been viewed. Onegai Teacher, Queen Emeraladas, & NGEva move have been viewed once, one side the audio is off. Big Momma's House has been viewed less than 5 times. The Ring was bought used but in decent condition.

NGEva move is $3, over to Saiyiki is $9 each, Saiyuki vol9 $14 and Karas part1 $15

Promo DVD - $1 or free with a purchase of $10 and up

.hack//sign box, holds six DVDs, in very good shape, comes free if you buy 4 or more DVDs.

Return to OZ clamshell-ish VHS - $7 (gently used)

X-men VHS tapes (3 on the left are a set - $7, 2 on the right are a set - $4) $2.50 ea except the middles one which is $3

Star Wars 4,5,6 VHS boxset - $10 (good condition) and Might Morphin Power Rangers the movie VHS clamshell - $3.50 (okay condition)

Sonic the Hedgehog VHS - $3 (good condition)

Ace Ventura, Beverly Hills Ninja, The Blair Witch Project, Godzilla, The Mask of Zorro, MI:2, MIB, Romeo Must Die, Short Circut and To Wong Foo VHSs, used - $3 each or all 10 for $25

NOTE: For all paypal purchases there will be an extra fee. Shipping could be media mail depending.

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