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Prices do not include shipping.


Chinese symbol necklace $1.50

Multicolored Bead necklace $1.50

Black Bead necklace $1.50 ON HOLD

"Angel" on Ring necklace $1.50

Stone center piece on Hemp neckalce $4 (worn twice)

Clay Flower Beads necklace $1.50 (worn a few times)

"Guardian Angel" Locket necklace $1.50 (never worn, but locket doesn't close properly / Close up

Hawaii Ying/Yang necklace $1.50

White Bead necklace $1.50

Chinese Symbol "Friend" neckalce $1.50

Chinese Symbol 2 necklace $1.50

Chinese Symbol 3 necklace $1.50

Chinese Symbol 4 (Peace Sign on backside) $1.50

Pink Foot necklace $2

Turquoise Moon and Star necklace $2

Black and Purple Circular Bead necklace $2 (worn once or twice)

Cross (not sure if it's silver) necklace $2

Cross on Hemp necklace $2 (worn a few times)

Feather Wing Embossed on "dogtag" necklace $2 (worn once or twice) / Close up

Peace sign/flower necklace $3

Faux Pearl and jewel necklace $3

Glass "Starburst" necklace $3

Spinning Heart necklace $3 / Other side

"Gold" Heart with Blue and White Stones necklace $5

Mickey Mouse set (Earrings, ring, necklace) $15


Plastic Heart ring $1

Dragon ring $1.50

Dolphins around Orb ring $1.50

"Guardian Angel" January with Garnet Stone adjustable ring $1.50

Stars, Moons and Diamonds adjustable ring $1.50

Purple Pom Pom adjustable ring $1.50 (worn a few times)


Beaded Flower Shaped necklace and bracelet set $2.50


Guitar String bracelet $1.50 / Slightly stretched to see the coils.

Flowers and Beads bracelet $1.50

Black and Green plastic beads bracelet $1.50

Braided Material with Beads braclet $1.50

Braided Material bracelet $2 (worn once or twice)

Peace Sign Beads on Hemp bracelet $3 (worn once, looks news)


Chinese symbol $1 (or free with another purchase), "Dove" with Red Stone $1 (or free with another purchase)


Set of Claire's plastic beads, never been used, missing necklace and one bead it came with $1.50

Holder (32 different compartments) $4 (unsure what shipping for this would be since it's a decent size, will be cleaned, I just wanted to get this up, wasn't used for very much, now just gathering dust)

Two Chains $4 (can be sold separately for $2.50 each)

Below are hair ties, all of them are unused as far as I know (I keep them all in a starshapped box and as I used them I wouldn't put them back there), if you're interested let me know. Otherwise $.25 each, please buy more than one or purchase with something above.

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